Magnetic Stripe Card
A magnetic stripe card is a type of card capable of storing data by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based magnetic particles on a band ofmagnetic material on the card.  Magnetic stripe card comes in two main varieties:  high-coercivity (HiCo) and low-coercivity (LoCo).  There are up to three tracks on magnetic cards used for financial transactions, known as track 1, 2 and 3.
Material PVC
ISO ISO 7810/7811
Thickness 0.76mm±10%
Width 85.47~85.72mm
Height 53.92~54.03mm
Stripe 3 Tracks
Track 1:  is contained in several formats which is available for use by individual card issuers
Track 2:  is developed by the banking industry (ABA).  This track is written with a 5-bit scheme (4 data bits+1 parity), which allows for sixteen possible characters, which are the numbers 0~9, plus the six characters:;<=>?.
Track 3:  is virtually unused by the major world wide networks such as VISA and often isn’t even physically present on the card by virtue of a narrower magnetic stripe.
LoCo (ISO 7816): 300 Oe±10%
HiCo (ISO N407): 2750~4000 Oe±10%
JIS (JIS): 650 Oe±10%
Printing Screen printing or offset printing