Please see the following notice items while making manuscript, otherwise goods reject is not acceptable.
*Reject Standard:  Mistake made by SIMCARD.  We’ll replace after receiving your defective cards.
PC: CorelDRAW, IIIustrator, Photoshop     MAC: IIIustrator, Freehand, Photoshop
Because of fonts, please DO NOT use typsetting software.
Art Spec.
  1. Bleed size:91mm*57mm.( Trim size:85.5mm*54mm)
  2. Please take a moment to check all your files for the necessary fonts. IF POSSIBLE, CONVERT FONTS IN OUTLINES / CURVES!
  3. Please Do Not use system fonts.
  4. Please use CMYK process.  The color on you screen (RGB) or laster printer or ink jet may not look the same on real print color by CMYK.
  5. Print shading must higher 3%.
  6. Image and photo must be TIFF form, 300~400dpi, CMYK process.  Please Do Not use psd form.
  7. Text must inside trim line 3mm.
  8. Using CorelDraw fliter, transparency, color tints or powerclip effect, please transfer to rasterize layer and CMYK process.
  9. Please use CMYK process when designing, or cards reject is not acceptable.
  10. Please attach draft and order sheet if you use express to send disk to us.  Also note quantities, running number method, card number position and express address.
  11. Please upload “authorized sheet” to FTP files or fax us if you need us to print files.
  12. Please check all the above points, also with your company name, contact person, contact phone, quantity and running number.
  13. Please reserve signature bar position in drawing if necessary.
  14. Card number position must bigger than 0.5cm to the trim edge.
  15. Please understand production process might cause 5% chromatism each color and color density may cause chromatism and stratches.  It’s a normal physical phenomenon and can not be a reject condition.
  16. Please contact SIMCARD CARDS TECHNOLOGY INC. if you need any assistance.